Gluten Free Bread That Tastes Like Bread – Genius

Genius Gluten Free Bread

Genius Gluten Free Bread

A proper loaf and it’s gluten free!

Gluten free fresh bread that really does taste like bread. No refreshing necessary! It’s available in white and brown. The loaf is a decent size and you get to slice it yourself to your own perfect width. It’s light, cuts well and has a subtle flavour. (Actually it tasted better a day after it had been opened.) My wheaty friend tried it too. She thought it tasted like Nimble. I’ve tried it for sandwiches and toast, both were good. Unlike other fresh gluten free breads I’ve tried it didn’t go green when the clock struck 12 on the expiration date.

Warning – it really is like real bread. I put it in the toaster for the usual two weeks I do for gluten free breads and it burnt to a crisp.

Genius bread is availabe to buy at Tesco’s. You can get more info on the cute little Genius website.

Gluten Free Italian Restaurant

Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten Free Pasta Was Here

Gluten free pasta dishes at my local Italian!

It’s so exciting!  I found out my local Italian Fratelli’s Pizzeria does a gluten free alternative for all its pasta dishes. They even do the whole range to take away. How rare is gluten free take away? I couldn’t resist that.

So I headed down their and picked up some fettuccine al funghi.  The guy serving told me the gluten free option wouldn’t actually be fettuccine. I mentally prepared myself to be disappointed. It wasn’t economical for the restaurant to make fresh gluten free pasta so they must be serving the supermarket dry stuff. How surprised was I! It was fantastic. Lots of texture and flavour. It wasn’t at all slippery either. (Have you noticed how slippery the supermarket stuff is? I spend all my time chasing it around the bowl.) If it was a blind taste test I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish it from the real thing.

Then more music to my ears. The guy at the restaurant told me that they now do gluten free pizza too. I’m so going back their next week!

Fratelli’s Pizza in in Oxford, UK. Tel: 01865 248200 (No website as of yet.)

P.S The pasta was so good I’d eaten it before I even thought about taking a photo. Look how clean my bowl is.

Cheats Home Made Wheat Free Crumble

Homemade wheat free crumble for the seriously lazy

This came about late one evening when I had half a pint of custard left over and no pudding to have with it. I had a look around the kitchen and settled on a jar of cherry compote. Thinking that would be a bit of a sloppy combination I added a handful of Jordans Country Crisp on top. On first mouthful it reminded me of a fruit crumble. I would definitely recommend it.

Jordans Country Crisp has a warning that it may contain traces of wheat. So if you’re allergic or very sensitive you might want to substitute the topping. Crumbled oat cakes or gluten free biscuits could be a good alternative.

Gluten Free Jam Doughnuts

Gluten free junk food at last!

Tesco’s Free From jam doughnuts don’t look very appertising. In fact they look like sad English muffins. I’ve been curious about these gluten and wheat free donuts for a while now but the look of them had always put me off. Anyway yesterday my sweet tooth got the better of me.

The first challenge I had was finding a packet that hadn’t been overcooked till it looked black. Then the donuts needed “refreshing” in the oven like all wheat free and gluten free foods seem to. After that I had to roll them in sugar using the sachets that came with them. That was quite fun.

Anyway I loved my doughnut so much I snaffled it before I even thought about taking a picture. It was even better for being still warm from the oven. The oozing jam was fantastic. I would definitely recommend these donuts. They’re great when you need a junk food fix.

Gluten Free Sausages

Musk’s gluten free sausages

I tried these sausages at the weekend. They  are decent quality for a plain sausage, containing  75% pork. I had them in a Thai sauce with vegetables. The sauce overpowered  the sausages a bit. Next time I’ll try them on a sandwich with some salad.

You can get these gluten free sausages in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. To find more stockists visit the website

Victoria Sponge Cake – The Verdict

The votes are in on the Tesco wheat free Victoria Sponge

It took me longer than I expected to get around to trying the cake. It’s not that I’ve been good, I’ve just been out a lot lately.

The cake itself is a bit pale and pasty looking. It didn’t feel like cake when I touched it either.  Fortunately it tastes better than it looks. My wheat eating boyfriend went as far as to say it was better than most shop bought wheaty sponge cakes. I wouldn’t go that far myself. To me it didn’t quite taste like the real thing. Then again it’s a long time since I’ve had the real thing.

You can see on the pic on the left that the cake didn’t have any icing sugar on. The pic on the right is the version my boyfriend pimped with our own icing sugar. That made a definite improvement. I would also suggest adding some extra jam (we didn’t have any in the cupboard) and cream too if you’ve got it.

If you’ve been hanging out for a piece of Victoria this could well hit the spot.

Wheat and Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake

Happy birthday to me!

I’ve just discovered a new addition to the Tesco Free From range, the Victoria sponge cake. I think if you’d been there you would have seen my eyes light up. It’s so long since I had a whole cake (not that I’m going to eat it all in one go) that could be cut into slices. In particular I’ve been coverting a birthday cake for some years.

So I’ve decided to have a second birthday like the queen and it’s coming up this weekend (if I can wait that long). Stay tuned for the full run down on all the jammy goodness.

Wheat Free Banoffe Pudding


A banoffe pudding with a biscuity base and no wheat!

Well at least that’s what it seems. There’s no claim to that fact on the pack but the ingredients don’t include any wheat or gluten that I can see.

I took a chance as my wheat intolerance isn’t that bad. The pudding was yummy and I had no ill effects. If you’re a coeliac or have a wheat allergy you should check further before you try it. I’m going to try and find out more about the Glorious Foods products.

Wheat Free and Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake

Starbucks add another wheat, dairy and gluten free cake to their range.

While I was in Starbucks last week I spied a new wheat free, gluten free (and dairy free) treat, the valencia orange cake. I haven’t tried it yet but I will. At only 138 calories a cake it has even less calories than the low fat carrot and valencia orange cake (wheat version) although it does have more fat. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

That brings the Starbucks cake total I can eat to three. The other two are the Belgian chocolate cake and the granola bar. The chocolate cake is wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and fair trade. I’d say it’s more like a brownie than a cake. It’s a little bit dry for me. The granola bar is wheat free but I’m not sure if it’s gluten free. For an indulgent treat try having the granola bar for breakfast. It’s very tasty and more substantial than it looks.

Gluten and Wheat Free at Borough Market London

Borough Market

Borough Market London UK

Gluten free and wheat free fare at Borough Market.

With all the fresh and homemade produce available at Borough Market there’s a feast to be found for those of us on gluten and wheat free diets. Bread and baking produce abound with a choice of spelt breads, rye breads, gluten free chocolate brownies and cookies. The many seafood stalls offered an option for a gluten or wheat free lunch with paella style dishes as well as fresh warm scallops and oysters. There’s was also a good variety of organic and vegetarian fare too.

I plumed for a slice of vegetable omelette. It looked prettier than it tasted. A lot of egg and a bit boring. I had more look with the gluten and wheat free cookie I saved for a midnight snack. I thought it might be dry and hard going as it felt a bit heavy but it was actually really tasty.

Omelette and cookie from the market

Omelette and Cookie from Borough Market