Eating out – gluten free lunch in Oxford

Mortons polenta cake

Mortons polenta cake

Gluten free lunch seems to be more difficult to get hold of than dinner. I think that’s because us Brits rely a lot on sandwiches, pasties and pies. I usually stick to jacket potatoes but it does get a little boring. When I found a gluten free sandwich at Morton’s in Oxford I snapped it up.

Morton’s is a little chain of made to order sandwich shops in Oxford. At their cafe in New Inn Hall Street they’ve been trialling gluten free sandwiches. All of their fillings are available on a gluten free bread giving you a wide choice. The bread is decent too, I think it might be Genius bread (it looks and tastes like it to me). They do breakfast their too so you could have yourself a wheat free bacon butty to start the day.

For afters there’s also polenta cake which seems to have become a popular gluten free option although I find it a bit dull. I think it could be seriously improved with some buttercream but then most things could.

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