Why We Still Need To Share Our Wheat And Gluten Free Finds

When I stopped blogging back in [insert cough] it looked like things were getting a lot better. Genius bread had arrived along with a new dawn of products that didn’t taste hideous. My local Italian had even started serving gluten free pasta and I could buy a wheat free sandwich from my local sandwich bar. I thought my gluten and wheat free blogging days were over.

Things haven’t developed as fast as I’d hoped. The high street chains dabbled in wheat free sandwiches for a while but went on to abandon them. (Probably due to poor sales as funnily enough people who don’t eat wheat bread don’t spontaneously look in the sandwich section.) My local sandwich bar abandoned spelt bread (probably due to the ‘wheat eaters’ not knowing what it meant). And Oatibix disappeared (it’s back now but it doesn’t taste the same).Even in the places that do offer gluten free choices you often need to know the secret handshake to get a hold of the gluten free menu. (It does get tiresome having to ask all the time.) And lets face it some of the gluten and wheat free products out there are still pants. So I’m back to share with you my gluten and wheat free finds. If you have any yourselves please do spill.


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