Gluten Free Goujons

Gluten and Wheat Free Chicken Goujons

Gluten and Wheat Free Chicken Goujons

Easy recipe for making gluten and wheat free goujons at home.

When I’m feeling down in the dumps my boyfriend treats me to his special home made wheat free, gluten free chicken goujons. They’re really easy to make, although I pretend I don’t know how :-)

Dip pieces of raw chicken into egg and then into wheat free, gluten free flour or bread mix then shallow fry it in oil until golden brown. Bread mix works really well as it has a good flavour. Try a bread mix with seeds in it for added crunch.  If you have flour left over at the end mix it with the egg that’s left to make a dough. Then fry the dough to make a bread ball. I like mine served with guacamole.

You could try other meats and fish too.

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